In Our Space: Using Art to Name Our Reality

The spaces we frequent and the environments we navigate take many different forms and affect us in many ways. Furthermore, not everyone is allowed to occupy different spaces based on the societal structures we live under. Yet we all can use art as a tool to reclaim and define our existence for ourselves and our communities.

Questions to consider when choosing a piece to submit:

  •  What spaces are important in your life?
  •  In what ways are folks barred from accessing certain spaces?
  •  How are virtual spaces similar or different from material or augmented spaces?
  •  How do you navigate different social locations?
  •  Where does reclaiming space occur?

The application deadline is Friday, February 24th. If you have a piece you think will be a good fit, APPLY HERE!



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  1. Hi – My name is Chris Broduer and I received this information through my sister in Grand Junction Co. I am a grad student at the U of Arizona and my focus is social justice and community art. I am doing my degree through the dept of Art and Visual Culture Education. I would love to pass on this opportunity – but you have no timeline or dates listed. My email is if you want to email me with further information. Thanks! Have a good day!

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