Festival Workshop Announced!

Political Graphics Workshop

1pm – 3pm; Trotter Multicultural Center

During the Social Justice Art Festival: Saturday, March 18th

Join activist artists Susan Fecteau and Leslie Sobel for a hands on political graphics workshop. We will learn about materials for posters, banners and chalking with a focus on practicalities like layout, stencils, carrying straps, keeping costs down and legalities. You will leave with a sign and weather permitting we will do some chalking.

Susan Fecteau is well known for her tenacious chalking about the Flint crisis. She has chalked tirelessly around Governor Snyder’s downtown residence to make sure the people of Flint are not forgotten.  Leslie Sobel’s work is climate focused and political in content. Fecteau and Sobel brought a large number of signs and banners to the Women’s March in DC and have taught many people skills to make their political graphic work more effective.

If you would like to attend, RSVP HERE:   https://goo.gl/forms/8brDDgZ0Ckp0RNeI2

2 big banners in front of white house


5 thoughts on “Festival Workshop Announced!

  1. I signed up for the workshop and didn’t get a response on details, etc. Just want to find out if I am in.


  2. If you are coming to the workshop please wear clothing you don’t mind getting paint on and bring any sign ideas you have. We look forward to working with you all!



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