Featured Artist: Lilith Dorr

Lilith Dorr
Fine Artist~Art Educator~Artist Advocate 

My given name is Valerie Reitzel.  My taken name is Lilith Dorr in honor of the daughter I lost to the  vestiges of domestic violence almost 13 years ago. (My husband threw me when I was almost 4 months pregnant).  This tragedy was the catalyst on my journey to recovery.  After several years of “Internal Reconstructive Surgery”( a blend of intense professional and personal intervention) , I went back to LACASA to be trained as an On-Call Response Team Member (2006 through 2009) and in 2014 was elected to become the first LACASA survivor to become a Board Member. I use my art work and public speaking to reach out survivors and the community at large about topic revolving around abuse and intervention. I have been a public school art teacher since 1989, serving the joy of art making to over 10,000 students.  In addition, I am a producing artist with four exhibitions to my credit:1) The 13 Ladies: An Epic Journey of a Survivor.  This exhibit explored my experiences with child abuse and domestic violence.  You may see the video of the making of this body of work at www.13ladies.com

2) The 7 Sisters:  A Tribute to my Mothers.  This exhibition was a genealogical exploration into my maternal and paternal history to find out just where my development of a victim mentality and enabling behavior originated.  Was it genetic or learned behavior? I proudly display this exhibit in the 2011SSW art show!

3) Harmonic Rapport: A Celebration of Visual Poetry.  This body of work was proof of my healing and ultimate overcoming of all forms of abuse.  It is a powerful and uplifting collection of poetry and abstract artworks. To view this work you may go to Etsy.com under my shop entitled, TornEdgeCreations.

4) The 21 Gal Salute.  I am in the process of completing this latest body of work.  The central sculpture is self illuminated, has 8 faces, 3 breast plates, 21 hands which are holding 21 images taken from my visual journals as I worked through my trauma associated with the many sexual assaults I have endured in my childhood into young adulthood. There are also 21 large renditions of the journal images which hang on the walls of the gallery.  I hope to have this body of work on exhibit at ArtPrize 2015 in Grand Rapids in the Fall.

My latest accomplishment was to have been selected for The 2014 Phoenix Rising Award by Intentional Legacy Inc. This award honors SE Michigan citizens who have overcome great personal adversities, and have used their experiences to give back to their community.  Just being nominated for this award was a great honor.
Artfully Yours,